Emmanuel Ma

Hi I'm Emmanuel, I'm a 4th year software engineering student at McGill University. Here are some of the things I'm currently working on:



Knowledge graph

Knowledge Graph generator

A web app that generates an interactive graphical and text-based knowledge graph from an input text.

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Finance Dashboard

Personal Finance Dashboard

A responsive fullstack app allowing users to view market trends, latest financial news and track their portfolio.

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C-lang logo

Mini C Compiler

A compiler for a mini-c language with mips assembly as the target language. Semester long project for a compiler design course (COMP520).


"It's a beautiful piece. Execution needs some work. [walks over to the piano] May I suggest on the 7th bar of the adagio andante that you add a little fortissimo on the arpeggiated B♭ scale."


(I promise I took notes, will add them at a later date)